Monday, December 1, 2008


WTF!!! I won't dare to drive anymore. I crushed the car to the door gate while I'm reversing it. My brain was in a vacant until I heard a BANG and in nervous, I tried to put the 'R" to 'D' but my trembling & clumsy hand with a jammed brain put it to 'N'. Luckily I didn't let go of the brake instead. JIMBAI!!!!!!!! I hate this happening, i hate black dot and imperfection in my driving life. I grumbled to God :' You said you will protect me huh? Then see what happen?" I'm bad and blame the God instead of blaming my lausy driving skill. God, Please forgive me, I still love you and I will love you more and more because you protect me not to knock others cars and just the stainless steel gate.
I still drove off to have my hair cut after that, leaving the winding gate's beam behind. Eventually, I was not satisfied with the new hair cut.. f*ck!! f*ck f*ck!!
Bad day, and we didn't win the lottery with my car plate.


JIaJIa said...

ahhaha...dont know why i feel funny xpecailly imagine you swear when bad things come...I thk all of us did it alot too. But later still feel relief that not much damage occured. Hey, how is your hair!! let me see!!!

Jen said...

ugly ler.. :-( We kept chatting until the hair dresser cut my fringe shorter and shorter... bad day lar~~~

Jazarel said...

wah Jen, make sure you don't drive on 3rd ya... oh ur hair that bad? make sure you're not the attention grabber instead of my wife!!!