Friday, November 28, 2008

My week

I had a rush and hectic but happy week. Let's jot down what I have done, seen, encountered, heard in previous 3 days and today before I had my early Alzheimer's.
My lovely sister-in-law, Eng was back from Sdyney with her cute boy friend, Yao on Tuesday noon. I fetched them up at the airport with my MIL and the first impression that Yao gave me is 'Oh god, how come he is so young?" Do You want to know the secrets of his scared secret? I will reveal it later. Right after we fetched them home, I received a gift from them, a pair of earrings. Thanks Eng, I really like it so so much. Yao bought lots of tea and some Chinese herbs for us since his family ran a Chinese herb shop in Penang. MIL was so happy and busy to welcome them home by a big pot of chicken soup. But 3 hours later, we went for dinner with Alice and her parents. Thanks to Alice dad for buying us a weighty and thumb-up 蝴蝶斑魚﹐We recommended some local vegetable like Mani vege aka Iban vege to Yao. He kept on saying 好吃with his mouthful of food. I pity him so much because everyone was serving him with food again and again while I paralyzed on my chair after having two small plates of spinach mee, a bowl of soup and a cheesy prawn. Nice talk with Eng on my bed before we felt asleep.
Anyway, For the next two days, Wednesday and Thursday, our main activity is EAT & EAT. Let me count, I ate at least five banquets but only yoga-ing for twice in a week. I tried out a news recipe (actually with ready made herbs powder again), Emperor chicken aka 紙包帝皇雞。 I was not so contented with the outcome but most of them said it is nice. :-)
I brought them to eat Kampua this morning and have lunch two hours later at home. I like the atmosphere when lots of people siting together having lunch , laughing and talking everything freely. I will remember this moment.
We sent them off to the airport 2 hours ago and finally.......I not need to dine out tonight. hohohoho. Pity my MIL, she was so much exhausted but need to dinner with supplier again later.
Keboom~~~~~~ I will drive off to my yoga class later , if not, my Michelin is getting obvious.

P/s: 普洱﹐ 綠茶is the secret.

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JIaJIa said...

ya...i was waiting so long for you to reveal the is at the bottom. i know greentea can keep us young..tat is why all the japanese ppl look young:)