Saturday, November 15, 2008


Jia texted me last night asking me to join her traveling next year since Air Asia is offering fuel-charge-free tickets. I was really, definitely, eagerly wanna join but again, I may not in Malaysia that time.
I was searching for KL's hotels' information this morning for Chris, he is a lot more economic than me. Surveying the transit system, and I found that I was much more unfamiliar with KL nowadays. I used to travel in KL with a LRT map on my hands with friends. Jia brought me to Sungai Wang from Pudu using shortcut. And that time all by foot. The memory is still fresh. Is the MCDonald under the bridge around a Plaza(I can't even remember the plaza's name) still there? I like to have a McEgg with a book there before heading back to BP.
oh, badly, I'm totally a stranger in KL city now. Time flies, I graduate, break up, first job, dating, married and second job and I may overseas next year. Watching the Google map online, I'm counting on the pace i used to put on KL's land. I never regret to save money from my meals to travel in Peninsular. Can keep fit what!!!


JIaJIa said...

yeah...the McD still there but I didnt remember the plaza name as well. Will you be in KL when chris came? Let me know if you do come, dear. I go down meet you.:)

Jen said...

kiajia: no boh, I won't visit KL that time since I will be busy that time. arrrggg...didn't step in KL since I graduated.
See you during cny!!