Thursday, November 20, 2008


I have few thoughts in my mind right now:

1) Mum, I hope I can go back and help you asap. I will try my best in the fastest speed.

2) I was very frustrated after reading kennysia's Zouk post. Kenny's post is always great,just make me recall once I'd been dragged to the dancing pool and dance with a stranger. WTF, felt shameful and uneasy of myself because this totally, definitely opposite my principal fortunately there WASN'T any body contacts. But still, black dot in my life found. T_T

3) Who want to accompany me to eat kampua for breakfast? I'm fucking lonely here.

4) Can I get a Pringles later???? I will have Alice's sushi later wor. Sien, like this also need to think so long.

Conclusion: I'm so lame.


JIaJIa said...

The dancing pool one..was that the one when we went to clubbing on our final year? I can only remember the fragmented pieces of it.
You have to acc me eat kampua on 23rd of jan...when i go bek..when you going bek to bintulu again?

Jen said...

I forgot when but it's in Sibu. I just talk this with wen again and said our 'huan tan' days are over.
I may go back on 23 night lar after accompany you eat kampua.