Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flash back-Jlo's Wedding

I took the bus at 8.15am to Sarikei to witness one of Jlo's big events in her life (as her Actual Day is on 7/12/2008 in Banting, Selangor). Jlo aka Jenny Law is my best ji mui in my ex-company. We share similarity like our name start with 'Jenny' and end with 'Ling' and many other things (cannot reveal one).
I was in a beautiful mood to travel early in the morning while the sun is still not too hot and the breeze gently awoken me and beautify my mind. I took a cab to reach Jenny's house which cost me RM6. It's a pretty short journey but I didn't even bargain with the taxi driver as usual since my mood is pretty.
I reached at Jlo's place at 9.45am as she was almost had her make-up done. Phewit~~~ She wore a purple layer pom pom dress, so adorable like a princess. See, the princess and the Cinderella as below:

The blessings rained down just like the rain outside the windows when we took off from the restaurant after the wedding lunch. Actually my heart was raining too because I can't ensure that when we can meet next time. And I was so happy that she is with someone who is so good to her and will take care of her till the end of the world.
Best of the Best-est to Jenny Law and Aik Han. Love you, dear!

pretty Jlo


JIaJIa said...

hey jhii, cheers la...:) when you were leaving to Aust next time, my heart will also cry dyed your hair liao!! the color look similar to mine!I know you always admire me la!=D

Jen said...

I dyed my hair since August, u must be imitated me. blerk~~ I will leave to Aus on 6th of Jan, dear, can't meet u in cny liao... (u fast fast cry now)

Nee said...

Dear hiao po,
finally read your blogs on CNY eve. Thanks for a blog of me. Miss u lots...take care of yourself in Melbourne.