Sunday, December 14, 2008

Au Revoir

It has been 15 days since my previous post. Actually there are lots of interesting events during this period. Three weddings, Jlo's, my cousin, dorcas's and my colleague's wedding; ngiik and Yong's engagement; a week in my parent's place ; a final decision about the date to Melbourne; my first website publish on web. decorate my first Christmas tree.... Tears, laughter and memories flowing from everywhere and staying everywhere in the deepest part in my heart.
I seize on every chances to stay with those I love here as I will be leaving to the one I loved there. Isn't this what I expected? But the sorrows are getting stronger each day as the day I left is approaching. It's just like it gonna be long long way apart from them here.And I have a feeling that not supposed to have, it's just like I can't see them anymore.(touched wood). We gain and lost simultaneously on every decision that we made. It's a kinda fair world.Anyway, the sudden decision put me on the hot stove and I did hesitate until today to book the air ticket with the date earlier as expected and thus, I need to re-plan my schedule for the next two months.
Cb jia, I gonna lost the chance to gather with you, Tze Ling, YY and two amus during chinese new year. It's a gathering that I expected for so long and now I can't make it. The Chinese new year will still be merry without my presence but I swear I will feel the emptiness without you all's companions.
My all time favourite~

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