Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm a weirdo deep in my heart.

1) I dislike there is someone next to my compartment in the washroom.
2) I dislike been disturbed when I was asleep. I used to be irritated and slammed the phone to the wall.
3) I won't halt my task in the middle way even though I know I need to go for a big round to complete it.
4) My face is black when I'm serious and concentrated.
5) I won't allow people to wait for me and at the same time, I dislike those who is unpunctual.
6) I'm willing to spend on nice dishes but bitchy on the services.
7) I dislike cartoon since my childhood, dislike most of the korean dramas. I prefer comedy or romance from the west.
8) I dislike others to share my bed or even room except siblings or closed friends. So do I dislike others to touch or criticize on my things.
9) I dislike people to shout or command me else I will turn to hatred. I prefer nice communication even though sometimes they are hypocrite.
10) I want my room of freedom and don't wish to be disturbed, lying down on bed, sipping my drinks and tit-bits with some nice movies or books for whole day.
11) I dislike rice.
12) I dislike to owe others' money or their kindness. Anyway, there are always people who assist and guide me in my life.
13) I will forget all the unhappy events after a sleep.

More to add on after I find out. I apologized for the offend I may do on to those who know me. Komenasai!!!


JIaJIa said...

Emm...I am not aware of some listed habits though housemate-ing with you for 5 years...:p..anyway, I remembered you like to curl on your bed like the small kitten..wakaka

Jen said...

parodn!! im like piglet infact that chubby..hehehe..

Amanda said...

Weird?? Trust me mate.. U ain't weird at all.. If u are, then I am the Queen of Weirdos.. haha!!
Well, I guess everyone have their own share in the world of Weirdo-s & sanity..
So, love u still for who u are *wink wink*

Jen said...

Love you too!!!!