Thursday, October 30, 2008

A simple wish

I wish to go back to my parents' place to help out. My granny is ill. I was shocked when I saw my mum feeding her using the milk bottle. I still saw her sitting in the living room with us two weeks ago and asking me for more nice agar-agar. I bought her nice bread from Sibu this time but now she can't even chewed. She became more and more 'childish' nowadays. I was so helpless and sad seeing all these. My mum was extremely exhausted since she need to run the business and have to take care of my granny and my dad as well. Granny refused to sleep at night, and was screaming, crawling on the floor sometimes and my mum have to keep an eye on her all the night long. No matter how, mum still need to open the shop on time the next morning. I'm so scared that mum will collapse one day. I don't even can't stand to work like this for a week but my mum had deal with these for months. I know mum's health is going downhill too, I saw her consume more medicine nowadays.
I'm still remembered what my aunt told me after my maternal grandmother passed away. " If i stayed longer here with my mum, she won't leave us earlier." Life had faded and only sorrow and grief left. I don't want to be like this.
That's the reason why i woke up with my swollen eyes the day after I watched "Money Not Enough 2". When people making fun on the old granny in the movie, laughing on her repeated questions about 'jiak ba moi' and 'nai sa' jokes, I was weeping. I hope my granny can nag on me to show that she is still energetic.
I wish to go home after I had finished my task. I don't wish to have grief in my life.


Amanda said...

Be with them while they're still around
Don't regret after that.

JIaJIa said...

But i understand it is hard...I believe you already be there if you really can but you only can make this wish right now. I hope God hear your prayer.
I remember your granny very well, when everytime I went to your house in the evening to find you for a walk. She always spoke foochow with me that I mistaken "yi liu" means "ear". Sad to imagine granny like this too.
And mama hii, she is always the strong women who walked nonstop and never has too much fun to enjoy in her life.
Dear, you have to be strong and I wish everything that You wish in your heart comes true very soon. Take care!!

JIaJIa said...

Still...I will pray for you. Hopefully there are things that i can help.:(

Jen said...

amanda: Yeah, they are too important for me.
jia: haha, hope that you know what's 'yi liu' now.