Tuesday, October 7, 2008


It's a hot morning. I 'm reading some of my regular visiting blog and trying to write on some of my thinking too. I dreamt of TL last night, due to lots of memories that flooding me after i read flyingdance's blog.I feel grateful that i didn't let go any chances to travel around in my university's life.But too bad, i lost all my photos while traveling to to Cameron.I still remembered that i hardly opened my eyes, held my breath and J's hand while the bus drove along the way to Perinchang.
I dreamt to visit my pals before I migrate but due to my tight 'working' schedule, I can hardly to have break. I know i gonna miss them like I always do but I won't tell them.
Anyway, my next target is Marysville after viewing Mike's photos. I was initially attracted by the snow at the lake Mountain but when I was eagerly looking for the info of Lake Mt., i saw Marysville, a small village with lots of flora.I dreamt to sleep in the tulip bushes.

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JIaJIa said...

*huggies... I miss you gals alot alot too...and was messaging to TL on and off but she doesnt really like talking..i wonder why...:( there is nobody that I wan to let go coz you gals had been a part of me for 5 years and you r the longer one of coz! I love you dear!!!