Thursday, October 23, 2008

New member

I brought Harlie back last night. I fell in love with him on the first sight. When he was firstly shown to us, I shouted in excitement :"That's him!!!". Quiet, plump and clumsy, round eyes and peach color fur. Gosh, he is my new baby.
I fed him with porridge and some pork chunks. I think he missed his mum's milk more because he reluctant to eat it after he sniffed on the food. Rockey & Winnie scared him a lot because they barked in mad and showing their sharp teeth when seeing I hug Harlie. The animals also have sense of jealousy, ok? Then I tried to talk with them. Pardon? Yes, I was talking to dogs in human language and finally they understood and agreed. Because they need to understand that they will lost their meals and stayed in their stinky home if they disagreed. Ok, I threatened them.
Harlie was hungry this morning and he uses his little paws to 'knock' the kitchen door at 6am. Poor little thing, he must be shivered in fear , staring at his unfriendly brother & sister.
I like the new, energetic life, just like the every little leave that sprout on a plant.
I will post Harlie's photo soon.


JIaJIa said...

OH MY GOD!! since when you have an affinity towards DOG!! you must be kidding me..last time you was like so scared like that!

Jen said...

Now still scared of dogs unless they are my dogs. I feed 3 dogs nowadays. A Rottweiler passed away on Mid-Auntumn festival.

JIaJIa said...

you are amazing.....=S