Monday, October 6, 2008


20 minutes to go before my lunch break. I'm still in the holiday mood today after the 5 days break ( actually i went back to my parent's place). Until today, i still feel so much reluctant to come back. I can still feel the hot soup cooked by mum on my tongue tip. I left the red egg which my sister brought back after her friend's baby's 1-month birthday dinner. According to the elder, It's good to eat if you want to have a baby boy eagerly.*puzzled*. I also forgot to bring back some useful software because the holidays still too short and rush for me. I miss my family so much. The feeling is getting stronger especially after I got married.
I had spent some quality time with my sisters, parents and my grandmother. Grandmum is having Alzheimer's disease. She sang alone, talked alone and slide back to her memory in few decades ago. I was touched when heard her prayed in our small group church meeting. She can forget everyone but not the Mighty HIM.
Mum is still busy with the sundry shop and the workloads is getting higher till she need to work till 12am sometimes. Mum is the most magnificent woman in this world and I salute her. She never forget to cook me nice and nutritious soup no matter how busy is she. She bought my favorite food such as 'taufu hua' and dumplings, which even my husband don't understand my taste better than her. On my way back, I hold the 'bao' bought by mum tightly in my bag, which warmed my heart instead of my stomach.

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JIaJIa said...

I remembered mama hii also..send my regards to her!