Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good people vs. bad people

I met good people and bad people in melbourne.
I felt bad and upset when I once saw a pizza teenage girl who served impatiently and raised her voice freaking high to an old folk. The poor old man pointed at the pizza slices on the food shelf with his trembling right hand while holding a wood stick in his left hand. This picture haunted me for weeks and I can remember still vividly his trembling pointer swifted disobediently and the stonyhearted glimpse on the lovely face of the girl.
I met another chinese waitress in Boxhill who ruined my beautiful Saturday and gave me a bonus of arguement with Chris. The psychotic woman (I'm still mad of her)refused to confess the wrong order and yet YELLED at me. She insisted I ordered the bloody 'dong ning cha' which I actually orderd a 'dong nai cha'. And she gave the wrong order to the customer next table to me and she kept denying at first and lastly the guy showed her the order sheet, which finally shutted her machine-gunned mouth. The incident ended up with an angry me burning in hatred hell fire launching a complaint to her co-workers after I failed to meet her manager in the peak lunch hour and the 'dong ning cha'is replaced. Not a happy ending because I left behind the food and headed back straight to home with a scattered shopping mood.
I met an asshole on Airasia flight to Melbourne in January who claimed the empty seat between me and him was 50%-50% belonged respectively when Chris intended to switch to that seat. I was poor at English speaking that time and I gave up to argue with him. However, Jing, my sister in law had some arguements with him and he was kinda a jerk who gave all sorts of ridiculous and idiotic excuses and he finally blasted out saying that he rather to sit on the empty seat and purposely want to separate me and Chris. A bad trip indeed and I suffered the severe stomachache after having the Nasi Lemak late at midnight. :-(
Anyway, don't give up. There is always a bright side on every happening, just like there is good people out there too.
I was somehow lost on my way home today because I can't find the bus stop to get me to the main road. I asked a couple who was resting after their tennis session for direction and they were too kind to offer me their MAC to search for the bus route. But unfortunately the bus stop just not there as the web indicated. So i thanked them and tried for luck on another end of road.I headed to the direction of the couple again after a guy directed me to the nearby train station. I waved at the couple and signed them that I was heading to the station.
'Hey!!!' a voice hold me and I slowered down my paces under the hot sun. It was her, Lily, the wife, asking me if I don't mind then they most probably can drop me off at the main road. I hesitated and couldn't resist their sincerity and I nodded. I was lucky to chat with them, friendly Lily and Mr Lily(too hard to remember his name and that's the way he called himself). Thank you, Mr Lily and Lily, thanks for a beautiful heart like the scent of lily flower, you have made my day. :-)

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Adelene said...

There were so many good people that make up our day effortlessly and bad people that ruins our day, effortlessly too.
There were just so many ignorant people around us who doesnt know how to pay respect to the elder or learn how to eschew their living pressure that ends up throwing tantrum on others.. Sigh..
I agreed that you should lodge your complaint to the manager or stands out and fight for the disable one. I would be there to do this with you if I were there. But i still wish you dont get yourself into trouble. follow what your heart says and thinking positively, we learn with our eyes.