Monday, June 15, 2009

Specially dedicated to Jia- Cream Cracker Cake

This is the recipe which my mum learned from her friend and all my family can make it
(except my dad). Once of a while my friends liked to hinted me to make this cake but I'm
lazy. :-P However, a uni's senior commented it's the cake for the poor and refused to taste
it. Huak her!!!!! I think Jia knew who she is. Anyway, enjoy.

Ingredients A:
1) 1 tin of Luncheon meat (shredded with fork)
2) 500g of onion (finely chopped)
3) soy source or char siew source

Ingredients B:
1) cream crackers
2) 1 tin of evaporated milk
3) 8 eggs

square steam container

1) Stir fry ingredients A and seasoned and put aside.

2) Whisk the eggs and mix with the evaporated milk.

3) Soak 27 pcs of cream crackers (assume that the container can fit 9 pcs of
crackers per layer, we need to make it three layers) into the mixture 2. Watch up
so that the crackers won't become too soft.

4) Put a layer of the crackers and following by the half of the stuffing 1 on top of
it. Following by the 2nd layer of crackers and the remanding stuffing 1. And
lastly put the 3rd layer of the crackers on the top.

5) Pour the mixture 2 into the cake.

6) When the cake has absorbed the mixture of eggs and milk, steam the cake for 45

Happy Trying!!!!!


JIaJIa said...

AH! so happy! i finally got my entry!! though it was just a receipe! hehe..thanks dear! muaks muaks!!! :D i will make it this weekend and snap a photo for you. yaya..I remembered the was funny that time:p we were naive back then:D

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