Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This is me, Obasan Jen

Finally, I have guts to blog. XD
When I was mixing the chicken coating and preparing for the dinner, I decide I NEED TO BLOG instead of surfing for recipes only whenever online. About my obasan life here, Yeah, I', totally obasan aka 'yellow face aunt'who didn't wash her face until 10am, wearing baggy shirts which are belong to my husband, long nails and long fringe, shedding tears when watching the korean drama ( I used to hate this before but thing changed since...u know when, dont you?), nagging to Chris for not doing single housework while he is too busy to have a severe battle with PSP and only word he told me before he aslept is 'your finger smells garlie.'
Life is miserable, isn't it? Waiting unemployedly and having financial crisis here. At least I start with blogging. Wake up, Jen. At least put a mask on ur face once a week and go comb ur hair and put on ur b*a NOW..
See ya.


JIaJIa said...

I wish to be yellow face too!! anyone wan to employ me to become their yellow face? i promise I will make a good one!

Jen said...

hahahha.. ok, I will post the advertisement. watch up!

Jazarel said...

Obasan is a novel by the Japanese-Canadian author Joy Kogawa. First published by Lester and Orpen Dennys in 1981, it chronicles Canada's internment and persecution of its citizens of Japanese descent during World War II from the perspective of a young child. This book is often required reading for university English courses on Canadian Literature as well as in Ethnic Studies and Asian American Literature courses in the United States. In 2005, it was the One Book, One Vancouver selection.

Jen said...

hahah..u googled for the definition of obasan. ask jlo lar... :D

Jazarel said...

what are the differences in pronouning "obasan" in japanese for aunt and grandma??